Before I started my blog, I frequent many other financial blogs. Here are some of my favorite sites, which I continue to read regularly.

White Coat Investor: Dr Jim Dahle needs no introduction. An ER physician, he is considered one of pioneers in the physician personal finance blogging world. His blog has tremendously increased knowledge about personal finances among physicians. He has saved physicians and other high earners billions of dollars in financial fees, getting them out of whole life insurance, NW mutual funds, among other accomplishments.

Physician On Fire: Dr Dahle’s ‘side-kick’ – they became business partners this year. He is an anesthesiologist who has managed to remain somewhat anonymous despite his notoriety. Apart from his frugal lifestyle, which has allowed him to work part time at his regular job, he donates half of blog income to charity.

Passive Income MD: Passive income MD and his spouse, also a physician, blogs about interesting side gigs and passive income streams for physicians. Since achieving FI (financial independence), he is slowly cutting down on his clinical hours.

Millionaire Doc: This is a relatively new blog from a ‘millionaire doc’, who writes about his investments, mostly in commercial real estate. He also talks about building a meaningful life (apart from financial success).

Wealthy Doc: With his MD/MBA credentials, he talks about personal finances for physicians. He candidly recounts his childhood, growing up in poverty and how it has shaped him to who he is today. He has achieved Financial Independence with his savings and investments.

Dads Dollars Debts: He is a cardiologist who works and lives in Northern California. Recently displaced by the fires in the region, he is now sharing his experiences about rebuilding. His site was up and running within days of the fire, with a new laptop he purchased!

Some Random Guy Online: This ER doc and his physician wife’s claim to fame is paying off over 400K in student loans in three years, despite living in the Bay Area. He tells you how he did it on his site.

Chief Mom Officer: Liz is a breadwinner mom with an MBA, has 3 boys and a Stay at home spouse. She blogs about women who are high earners, primary breadwinners and overcoming obstacles to get to the top.

The Frugal Gene: Lily runs an Air B n B business and her spouse, Jared, works full time. Here, she blogs about their financial adventures and their goals of achieving FIRE (Financial Independence, Early Retirement).

Doc Wife: Theresa is a mom of three and wife to a GI Fellow. She is the administrator of the Physician Finance Facebook and has supported me to keep blogging.

I got interested about finance and investing around 2 years ago. I have read these books and have found it very helpful and motivated me to finally get some investments going.

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