Shopping the Post-Halloween Sale

Now that Halloween is over, it is time to stalk some great post-Halloween sales at several stores – Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Michaels – where you can save 75 to 90% or more off Halloween products. Read on to find out how to best score these awesome deals!

I normally purchase random costumes and put it into my children’s dress-up trunk. Last year, I bought 10 brand new costumes for less than $30 dollars. I ended up donating 4 of those costumes to a local family shelter this year. Win-win!

[amazon_link asins=’B0050OTNMC,B00ER78O96,B06XNNJWLZ,B01B0UARE2,B076HPRWT1,B007USA5AA’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’foreignbornmd-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7510714b-c2aa-11e7-ae66-d57dd63757d6′]


Did you know that non-perishable Halloween are discounted up to 90% off at Target about a week after Halloween? This is where I stock-up on dress-up costumes for kids, crafts and miscellaneous trinkets. While what is left varies by each store, there are often at least a few costumes and Halloween decoration remaining that will make this a good Target run.

Remember that some products are not marked, and sometimes, the signs posted lags behind the actual sale – i.e. sign states “Clearance 70% off” and it is actually 90% off. The only way to confirm the price is the price scan every item at the standalone price checkers that are placed all around the store.

In addition to costumes and decorations, I have often found other Halloween branded items such as zip-lock bags (with Halloween decorations imprinted), tissue paper, paper towels, cereal, goldfish crackers and even Halloween-themed Pyrex containers on sale for 70% off. Since I don’t care how my zip-lock bags look, especially when using it for food storage, this is normally stock-up time for me.

In addition, there are sometimes generic candy and Halloween-themed Gingerbread house that can be re-purposed for Christmas. I just bought the basic kit (for 70% off!), and bought Christmas-color icing and M&M (red/green) to replace the ones that came with the kit. My kids had a blast using their imagination repurposing the Halloween House of Horrors into a Christmas-theme Gingerbread house.

Short of visiting Target everyday, the best way is to check online on Brick Seek – where you can check out the pricing of an item sold by Target or Walmart by entering its DPCI code (small series of number listed on the price tag of the item) or check out popular target-focus blogs such as Totally Target and All Things Target where such sales are posted and updated.


Michaels, the popular craft store, got an early start this year to their post Halloween sales: their Halloween discounts started at 80% off on Halloween itself. It normally stays at 80% off before it drops to 90% off a few weeks later. I have gotten really nice Harvest themed table decorations, and other crafts to use at Christmas and for Valentine’s Day at their clearance sale.

[amazon_link asins=’B01IE8CDLI,B012TKM754,B00URVC0FU,B006WCN7D2,B004FW85Z6,B00NDIG3KW’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’foreignbornmd-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8ca45bed-c2aa-11e7-875c-7b4923433ca4′]


The highest discount I have seen for Halloween clearance is 75% off, but this applies to all items: eatables and non-perishable goods. Walmart normally clearance their products the day after Halloween, so head there on November 1st if you looking for something specific. Depending on the store, their initial sales starts at 50% at times, but I have seen clearance at 75% off come November 1st as well.


Their initial clearance is nothing to shout about: normally starts at 30% off, and it’ll go up to 50% off a few weeks later. This is when it gets exciting: after a few days of sale at 50% off, they will randomly pick a day to mark everything for 90% OR MORE off! I have even purchased $15 dollar box of Halloween-themed Legos for $2! Talk about an amazing deal!

Unfortunately, this sale is not advertised on their ads nor online. I did have luck calling the store once, but the other times, I just ended up visiting Walgreens a lot to stalk their post Halloween/Christmas/Valentine’s Day/Easter clearance.

Rite Aid:

Probably the least attractive of the bunch in terms of discount: it goes from 30% to 50% before disappearing, or sometimes they may mark things down to 75% off for a short time before removing the inventory. The main reason I included Rite Aid to the list is that they sometimes have random Halloween theme boxes of chocolate (it is wrapped in Halloween theme, but if you remove the wrapping paper, it is a regular box of candy), that is discounted for 50 to 75% off retail, which makes a good gift for Christmas.

I hope this has been helpful to all of you! Do you have any other post-Halloween sales to share?

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  1. Hello FB MD. I wanted to send you a special welcome to the blogsphere. And it’s also nice to see other immigrant bloggers 🙂

    Unfortunately we don’t shop take advantage of post-Halloween sales but to save money we buy at the last minute like a day or 2 before Halloween. Just this past Halloween, we were able to score a $5 costume for Baby99to1percent so she wouldn’t feel left out at the daycare Halloween party/photo-shoot.

    99to1percent recently posted…How we live on 15% of our income…

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Tina and Max. I visited your site and love your posts! We (2 adults, 3 kids) probably live on about 15% of my income as well, and we are immigrants from Asia.

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