I wanna be Free! Blogging as a Stress Reliever.


Although we are talking about these issues more broadly today, burnout and depression are still highly stigmatized in 2017 America. Increasingly, it as the pressure comes from all sides, it is snowballing and affecting more physicians.

After being in practice for the past 10 years, I am seeing more regulatory concerns I am left with: prior authorization for medications by insurance companies, early discharge for patients before 10 am imposed by administrators, quick decision-to-admit orders from patients being admitted from the Emergency Room, clinical documentation, specific billing codes…the list goes on and on. That, coupled with reduced reimbursements, more awkward work hours (nights – I hate working the night shift!).

Interestingly, as I am getting more comfortable with the practice of medicine, and getting to know my patients better, I am left with extraneous issues that seem to pile on.

With my past experiences, I am more attuned and aware of this pressing issue. The statistics are sobering: A Medscape article in June 2017 quoted studies showing 15-30% of medical residents showing depressive symptoms. An old article in JAMA in 2005 quoted that 70% higher suicide rate among male physicians, in female physicians, the

After finding myself getting increasingly short tempered at work and at home, I decided to start writing again. Back in my college and medical school days, writing was both an avenue to help reduce stress and also a money making venture: that was how I paid for my rent, expenses relating to USMLE, medical electives in the States and residency application expenses.

I am hoping to share experiences and to learn more from other bloggers and readers out there.

The mission of this blog:

  1. Educate and share resources with other physician mums on budget, physician wellness and finances.
  2. Provide information to International Medical Graduates on financial issues and immigration issues.
  3. Outlet for me to reduce stress and start writing again.
  4. Eventually set up a Donor Advised Fund (if I could ever monetize the blog – it is currently completely self-funded financially) to support charitable contributions in the areas of human poverty, natural disasters, education in children and global health.
  5. Increase personal financial awareness among young professional.
  6. Promote frugal living.

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2 thoughts on “I wanna be Free! Blogging as a Stress Reliever.

  1. Welcome to physician blogging. There seem to be a growing number of us in the last few years.
    For me the creative outlet is the best part. Helping others is awesome. Getting ideas straight in my head is helpful. Logging my thinking as a it develops over time is useful too. Blogging can serve a lot of purposes for sure!

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